Make Up

Nurture your beauty with minerals by 'Jane Iredale'
Jane lredale minerals provide four important functions in one:- foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skincare benefits.
So effective, it is recommended by plastic surgeons,
dermatologists and skincare professionals.

Lash Extensions

Full set of individual lash extensions

A semi-permanent set of lashes that can last up to 3 months with regular infills every 2 to 3 weeks.

90 minutes    £55.00


Infills for lash extensions

60 minutes    from £30.00

Express lashes

Express lashes are still individual lashes, just placed in a different way. They last up to 3 weeks with the right aftercare. More of a short term lasting, i.e. holiday or party lashes, they can be a natural or dramatic look.

45 minutes    £25.00

Lash Lift/perming

This treatment makes the lashes sweep upwards encouraging a gentle curl and create instant length. No need to use eyelash curlers anymore. It is great for weddings, holidays or if you are an outdoors activities person and can't wear much makeup.

45 minutes    £40.00