Important Information: Re-opening Silcress

We hope you have remained safe and well in these tough months. It has been an extremely challenging time for us all. Due to Covid, there have been some changes in our usual procedures and services, please find below.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and loyalty through this difficult time, you are the reason we love our jobs. We really are so excited to be back behind the chair and seeing all our wonderful clients! 

Services and Pricing

  • Due to being closed during 3 lockdowns, each appointment having to be a longer service time,  and only being able to have half the amount of appointments per day, we have had to increase our prices by £5. We hope you can understand our reasons for doing this during this pandemic and to be able to survive as a business. The prices on the website include this increase. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to honour our senior citizen discount rate (and other discount rates) and our children’s prices will have increased. I do hope you can understand our having to do this. We are unable to have the capacity of clients we previously could have so even though we are being able to open back up, we will be at a much lower turnover than before the Covid-19 Pandemic. We of course we reintroduce all our discounted rates in due course when we are able to. 

  • Please note, any cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment, or clients not attending their appointments, will be charged.

  • If your colour/regrowth is more than a ‘normal’ amount, please expect your bill will be more expensive on this first visit, as it will involve more product, work and time. Please remember this will only be on your first visit and your colour/regrowth price will be less the following time (as less product and colour will be used). 

  • Skin Test! If you have coloured your hair at home throughout the salon closure period, we HAVE to re-patch test you. Or if you have gone more than 6 months since your last colour service with us, again you MUST have a patch test. 

  • We can offer a FaceTime consultation for you with any colour service so please do enquire about this.

  • Our online booking service will be back up and running in the near future, keep an eye on our app and on our website. Every appointment now needs extra time to allow for cleaning etc so we are working out the best way to adapt our online booking service to allow for this.

  • Tranquil are not able to offer treatments until further government guidance, however product advice is still available. Please call for further information.​

Your Appointment​ & Safety

  • Please arrive to your appointment exactly on time, not early or late as we are unable to offer a waiting area. When you arrive at the salon, please do not enter. Please wait on the chairs provided out the front of the salon (or in your car if it is raining). Your stylist will meet you at the door when it is safe for you to enter (we have to monitor the amount of people in the salon at one time).

  • We will take your temperature on your forehead with a non-touch thermometer (all staff members will have this done every morning).

  • We require all clients to wear a mask (either one from home or one we can provide one for you). All our staff will be in full PPE in face masks and face shields. 

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on entrance to the salon. 

  • As much as we have missed talking to you, this will be extremely difficult to do so, so we do please ask to keep all face to face conversation to a minimum. We understand this is pretty difficult in a hairdressing industry! We can talk to you through the mirror though!

  • We are unable to offer any refreshments at this time but do feel free to bring in your own flask/water. 

  • All sections and equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before and after every client. 

  • The salon will have a one-way system, entering the salon on the left-hand side, and exiting on the right. Signs will be visible.